Irwin & Tina | Engagement

Irwin and Tina generously shared with us how they were before they met each other and how they started as a couple.  Dealing with their personality differences and putting on hardwork to make their relationship strong, made their love story even more interesting.  Because Irwin […]

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R Residence | Interior Design Photos

Another first-time experience for me.  First time to do an interior design photoshoot and first time to have my wife assisting me.  We enjoyed and learned a lot in terms of proper lighting in this project.  Working with the interior designer was also a pleasant […]

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Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron highlands from Jef Calayo on Vimeo.   To celebrate my birthday this year, we decided to have a trip in a place just near Singapore, where three days would be enough. Looking for that place in the net, we found Cameron Highlands.  It is […]

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CapitaLand Photography Competition

Joining a photo contest was really a learning experience.  From going around different locations, to beating the deadline in submitting photo entries.  Unfortunately, we encountered technical errors while submitting my photos and out of 150+ that I have, my wife was only able to submit […]

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Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Thailand from Jef Calayo on Vimeo. Even before we got married, we dreamed of going to Phuket.  After two years of being busy with our careers, we finally had the perfect time to make it happen.  Phuket is one of the must-visit places if […]

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Cebu and Bohol, Philippines

It has been two weeks since Filipinos all over the world were shocked by the terrible news of an earthquake hitting Visayas Regions: Cebu and Bohol. Many of us have different feelings towards the matter. Of course there’s anxiety, sympathy, and sorrow for the damages […]

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Geny Ann | Bikini Portrait

Portrait Bikini Shoot | Geny Ann from Jef Calayo on Vimeo. FROM THE LENS OF THE SHOOTER’S WIFE After my husband released this video in public, some friends asked me, “Do I get jealous?”.  The answer is a big NO, especially with a lady as […]


Farrah & Mariquel | Fun Portrait

Portrait PhotoFun Shoot | Farrah & Mariquel from Jef Calayo on Vimeo.   Describe what a colorful friendship is. These two ladies surely know how to show it. From their outfit, to their moods… From being one with their surroundings, to simply getting crazy with […]

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REBEL Jean Marie6

Jean Marie | Portrait

Portrait Shoot | Jean Marie from Jef Calayo on Vimeo. This was my first attempt to create a portrait video shoot. Thanks to my friends from Damnable Rebel Group for inviting me in their photoshoot. Thanks to Jean Marie for enlivening the concept of Girl […]

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Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca Trip from Jef Calayo on Vimeo. Companies have different ways of rewarding their employees for their hardwork and dedication. One way is by holding an annual company trip. Last year,  SAA Architects Singapore, where my husband works, had a short but relaxing tour in Malacca, […]

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